Saturday, August 13, 2011

Remember Me?

Dear Internet,

As you may be aware, if you can remember that far back, I used to write things here. And post pictures. But then, summer happened. My postings really stopped about when I went home for about a week to see my little sister graduate. I meant to post again when I got back, but it wasn't long before a friend came down to visit me, and then I headed to California for two weeks to see family and friends. Less than a week after THAT, I went to Colorado for a week to see all of my very best friends (except one extra-special very-very-best friend who was unfortunately tied up in Afghanistan) together for *gasp* NOT a wedding! Then I was home for a bit, but managed to fit in one more short trip, this time to a friend's friend's cabin (aka beautiful little house and guest cabin) on a lake in Minnesota.

WHEW. This has been a wonderful summer, and I feel allll stocked-up on time with people who do not live near me. I have loved it! What I discovered in-between and after trips, is that I had gotten so backed-up on blog posts, that I just ignored them all. Since I began reading blogs, I have always read them like I do anything else - completely, chronologically, and committedly. (See how I managed to do that alliteration thing? No, I'm not sure "committedly" IS a word, but just hush, will ya?) I decided to come back to it all today. I pulled up all the blogs on my roll and began catching up. There are SO MANY and SO MANY posts that I found myself skimming. For fashion blogs, I just looked at pictures, and maybe the occasional "where is that cute shirt from". For friend blogs, I really and truly read the posts, but was thankful that most of my real-life friend bloggers don't update all that often! Haha. And for many of my followed-blogs, I will probably never go back and fill in all those missed days - it's just not worth it.

So I'm back, but a little differently, I think. I pulled up some pictures on my flikr account just now, outfit pictures I took for the blog that didn't get posted before the long absence. I was about to post them when I realized that I had absolutely no interest in them. They aren't enviable craftwork, excellent thrifting finds, beautiful photography, or even all that interesting as outfits go. So I will just delete the pictures and put up something else. I began this blog hoping to share some clothes, but also some of myself. I want to report on events in my life, show off my handiworks, and ask decorating questions, too. I hope you'll put up with all that!  Oh, and I am back, but I still don't promise to post daily. (Sorry that the blog title is a big lie, everyone.) And if you actually like the outfits, don't worry. I have specific requests from the hubby to keep recent pictures coming on here, so they're not totally gone.  : P

See you all soon!


  1. I'm so glad you're back! And I understand completely with the whole summer-getting-in-the-way kind of thing (notice how I only made it two days in to my 30 about two months ago?). I've been enjoying following you on pinterest too :)

  2. 'Bout time, lady. Though, I'm really okay with it, since your blogging absence meant that you were travelling, which meant I got to see you SOOO many times. I guess I can forgive you ;)