Monday, August 22, 2011

Update No. 2

Hey folks!

Been a little slower than intended with the updates - this is because I found a long-term sub position that has been keeping me hopping! Which is great. I'll be spending the next eight weeks with a crazy little class of second-graders whom I love.  Anyway, on to the next part of my summer journeyings!

I took a long trip (over two weeks! WHOA.) to California to see lots of folks! I took TONS of pictures of my little niece and nephew, Kate and Griffen. They are twin two-year-olds, and were more fun than I could possibly stand. I loved every second. Here, look!


Their level of wonder at the whole world was completely refreshing.


Kate and Griff with Rich, my brother-in-law.


This beach day was the best!


I struggled to get Griffen's amazing smile on camera, until I had daddy tickle him - got to be a tricky photographer!


That day, G wasn't so sure about wandering into the water. But we had lots of fun in and out!


What a gorgeous little boy, eh?


Sure, the mission of TOMS is a great one. But seeing this precious little girl dance around in mine was worth buying them all by itself.

I wish I had gotten some good pictures for you of my sister-in-law, Julie, as she is simply adorable. Sorry about that. But trust me, they come by all this cuteness honestly.  : P

Next up: adventures in NorCal!

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