Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Been There, Done That

Hey all,

Today I'm going to begin updating you on my summer life - travels and experiences - through the pictures that I have from them. Here are the problems which I foresee with this: if you know me in real life, you have already seen these pictures on facebook, on my computer, or in life. If you don't, you might not care much about the goofy pictures I have of my various trips. BUT, I am not too concerned about that.  : P

So here goes! We'll start at the beginning: my sister's graduation.

There it is - they did it! Congrats, Class of 2011!

My little sissy with Mom and Dad.

And with me!! So proud! (Note: she is in flipflops and I am in heels. Yup.)

Lil bro, lil sis, and Sissy's bf post-grad party.
I have to say that I'm very proud of my sister and excited for her and all that she's on her way to accomplish. I am also very proud of myself because all the clothes she wears in the above photos are a direct result of me. She thrifted the dress (under the gown) and skirt and belt at my favorite thrift store here in town, and the grey patterned shirt is a gift from me when it got too tight. Yup, I like to dress her like my own little life-size doll.

Emma and I didn't do all that much together when we were growing up, at least prior to my going to college. But one thing we could both always enjoy doing together was making cookies. We always made chocolate chip, and always used the exact same recipe, which we have totally memorized now. I was making some cookies tonight, and had these great flashbacks to teaching her how to measure it all, and her convincing me not to eat all the dough before we cooked it, and the way a batch never made it more than 24 hours in our house. So I decided that I will send most of that batch (which came out PERFECT, btw) to her new dorm - she just moved in last weekend! Please hope with me that her new dorm and college are completely fabulous and great for her. K thanks.

Joke of the day from my real life: Sunday evening, I decided to haul out the hose and sprinkler, as I have done not-nearly-often-enough this summer, and give the front yard a good spray. I had been doing some intensive weeding and whatnot, so I just hooked the thing up and headed inside to take a short break before shutting it off.
Fast forward, of course, to Monday morning, when my neighbor across the street came over to apologize for being nosy (which she wasn't) but that my sprinkler was still on.  Over twelve hours later.  So, as you might imagine, my yard is a very surprising shade of green right now. Looking for a great gift for me? I'm looking for a really good, loud timer.

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  1. Little sisters can always depend on us awesome big sisters, eh? Supposedly, my sister tells me she didn't really "like" me until I left for college!! Can you believe that??!! Hahahaha. Anyway, looking forward to seeing your summer adventures! I was wondering where you disappeared off to! =P