Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Big One

I have recently begun a long-term subbing position, and have been quite surprised to discover that these things take up ALL OF YOUR TIME. I have been showing up early (not extremely early, but as early as I can get myself up to get there) and leaving late (very, very late) every day. Ugh. I'm pretty sure it takes so much time because I am just slow, but am hoping that that will change with time. Anyway, it's pretty fun and the kids are some kind of crazy, and it's a whole heck of a lot better than subbing in different rooms every day!

But that is why I haven't updated as much as I had hoped - I haven't had a free second. But I have one now! So I will put up LOTS of pictures so it's at least somewhat worth the while of waiting. (I know, you've been unable to breathe without my updates, it's quite natural.)

So after I visited my adorable niece and nephew near San Diego, I headed up to San Fran. First I got to visit Trisha:





Well, I said I was visiting Trisha, what did you expect, but flower pictures with over-the-top lighting? LOVED it. I also spent one day without T, as she had work to do. (She's so busy and important.) I saw some neat art in the Stanford art museum, and took a picture of my favorite. I have a picture of the plaque, so if you get mad at me for not citing it, I will just send you a copy of that picture.


Then I stayed a night or two with my older sister, her husband, and my other niece, Lily. Here she is, being a complete doll:





And how did I get her to give me those enormous, genuine smiles? Oh, I smiled at her. Yes, she IS the ideal subject. I also spent a day wandering the city, so here's your token shot of the Bridge:


Finally, I ended my trip with almost a week camping up north with my extended family on my father's side. Here is Stephen, maybe my favorite cousin, washing out a shirt with his three-year-old son . . . and maybe getting him just a little bit wet.    : P



So there you have it! We're all caught up. Up to like, late June, that is! Haha. But the rest of the summer is coming, trust me.

Then again, I wouldn't count on anything before next weekend if I were you.

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