Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Eff You, Victoria

I received a set of coupons from the very generous Victoria's Secret company a little while back. One for a free tote bag with a $75 purchase (wow, really??), one for $10 off a bra, and a free pair of panties. Well, I just don't spend that much on a bra EVER (80% off I would go for. $40 off I would go for. $10? Means nothing to me in that store.) and I don't really need a bag that advertises my undergarment choices. But I went in for the free underwear.

Yes, I felt like a huge cheapskate picking from the "only ones that are free with the coupon" table. But, well, those were the only reasonable price in there. But as I picked through and compared the sizes to my front, I decided small was too small. And then, so was medium.


This is not a problem in and of itself. If I wore a large in ANY other retailer's sizing within this continent, I would be fine with that. But, well, I don't. So I'm sitting here in my large, free-to-me undies and vowing that I will never go into a Victoria's Secret store again. At least, not to pay money for anything.


  1. Victoria's Secret has a sensor at the door that counts the number of people that walk in and out, which then is compared to their daily sales. So feel content in knowing that you got free (albeit large) panties and ruined their commission a little. And if that still doesn't make you feel better, just go back and walk in and out of the store five or six times and leave. That's fun too. :)

  2. I can't believe that either! Maybe it was a size large for that particular style?? Or, maybe you're just too "bootilicious"???!! Bwahahahahaha. That ain't a bad thing!! ^_~

  3. If it will make you feel better, just cut out the tag and call them "size small". It would work for me!
    But I do like Sammy Dee's suggestion, I'll take my 3 kids and walk in and out a few times for you too!